Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sillybandz: The Saga Continues


Finally, thar retarded "kid friendly" jelwery infection is OVER! Now we can get back to our lives. Sillyband sales sure are skyrocketing.... towards the ground.... :D. Now, I don't have to worry about listening to 13 year old boys trade them in class (as weird as that sounds). If I seen ONE MORE SILLYBAND, I promise, I will RIP its rubbery skeleton apart! I shall melt those disgusting creatures in a propane tank! I will even EAT those horrible nightmares out of my life, and into my stomach.....

Wow... it's amazing what people will post on the internet (:). Well forget that, and remember to NOT buy sillybandz. They smell like gym socks, wet dog, and even recalled froot loops. They're weird.... and colorful.... like a rainbow :3.... these send bad messages to kids.... well, whatevs!


4 Random Definitions

READ THIS!!!!! NOW!!!!!!

Wow.... i haven't posted a blog in..... one, two, three, FOREVER! Well I'm back with a few things that will hopefully make you laugh (hopefully), and if you like it..... COOL. If you don't..... well enjoy!

Pudding - What I eat out of a can at school.

Weird USBs - The weird thing that you plug into a computer that you'll take to work with you.

Clogged Toilets - Lunch.... wait, sorry, PUNISHMENT.

Cranberry Farmers - Nice hat and tshirt..... but cranberies are good, though.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Curse the Crossbar

UGH! Every time you try to kick a soccer ball, whether it would be in a video game or real life, you ALWAYS hit the crossbar! I kick a ball, crossbar. I kick an apple, crossbar. I kick my brother.... well he hits the crossbar, but that isn't very pretty... I'll be at a soccer game and I fly by the other team... I'm sprinting, sweating, and right when I take the shot... guess whaaaaat? C-R-O-S-S-B-A-R.... what does that spell?

I HATE this stupid thing! But without it.... soccer wouldn't be the same... it would be BARLESS........ bye!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Nice to meet you, stranger!

Hey everyone. The other day, I found out that some pretty weird people ask you to be friends on facebook and myspace, and your best bet is to ignore them. If the profile picture is didturbing looking, flag it. Now the owners of facebook and myspace really want you to flag anything weird. All that flagging does is report the person. If the profile pic looks ok, dont flag them. Just ignore them.

Yep... you have to admit that facebook can have some odd stuff on it... see ya!

P.S. Ooops.... made a mistake! Can you find it in the blog?

Friday, July 30, 2010

The Madden Collection

Hey Everyone! Today I'm going to talk about my brother Genin and his Madden games. A few years back, Genin played his first football game, NFL Blitz 2002. After a few years later, he had almost the whole collection. He started out by buying Madden 2004 for gamecube, and made his way up to Madden 2007. Every trip we go to Gamestop, it's the first thing he picks up. Madden 05, Madden 06, Madden 07, IT'S DRIVING ME NUTS! And he locks our bedroom door so he gets peace and quiet playing a half decade of Madden. And it's not just gamecube madden, playstation 2, super nintendo, wii....

He Sure Loves His madden.... I don't really even play sports games like him... I play more simulation games.... and he's always playing on this "superstar" mode, or "franchise" mode.... the thing that doesn't make any sense is, he won't buy an awsome $2 game at gamestop, but he'll throw down $10 on a 5 year old madden game....

And It's not just Genin, EVERYONE is addicted to Madden NFL Games for ANY system! What makes them so much fun? Better graphics? New Game Modes? Players? I don't get it at all...

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Hey guys. Let's talk about cars... SMART CARS! These things are.... so small.... and so weak..... but hey, they go 75 miles per gallon. How? Different from normal cars, the smart car has a triangular gas tank, differing from normal cars with a circular one or square. Although these cars are smart.... they aren't very strong...

If there was a show on speed about smart cars, it would be #1... seriously! Let's say there are two big rigs, and a smart car is in between them. The back rig speeds up, hits the smart car, and it hits the other rig. Whats gonna happen? Hmm... let me think...

I feel sorry for the dude in that car... well, it looks like the ambulance was just in time. If smart cars looked, oh I don't know.... COOLER, more people would drive them... I bet Elmo could pick one of those up! Well, I guess making fun of the smart car isn't going to improve it's looks, weight, and size... well whatever.... I don't have much more to say except........ I still hate sillybandz...

Target Hates the Summertime

Summertime.... A time for warm nights, ice pops, and swimming.... but apparently, TARGET HATES THE SUMMERTIME!!! My recent trip to Target in Washington PROVES that they hate the summer! Target may be a nifty little store, with cheap video games, the BEST candy aisle, and a nice snack station.... But I have NEVER seen a retail store with this much nerve!

For crying out loud people! It's summertime! Let us relax and not have to worry about the 180 days of living torture coming our way.

Another niblet of info.... just a niblet. Whatever factory makes those girly folder and binders needs to be SHUT DOWN. I'm tired of looking at them. Seriously. I can't sleep at night with the fact that these stupid folders might eat me alive! I hate them.

So I guess I've made my point in saying that Target hates the summertime. And I feel that in the middle of July, stores wouldn't be bumming us out with all these school sales. FOLDERS: $.75 ERASERS: $.10.... It's weird, and I just want to enjoy my summer!